Jean-François LeBlanc, Municipal Councillor, District Lac-Beauchamp,
Ville de Gatineau

Experience in action!

I am a citizen of Gatineau, an entrepreneur, and a highly-engaged person. I am involved in several social projects such as the Kitchissipi Marina, the Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale de Gatineau, and am still an active member of their Board. I’m a person of ideas and a serial entrepreneur. I have owned computer businesses for several years and have surrounded myself with partners and employees in order to spawn other projects. I am a business mentor and I choose those projects that I want to invest myself in.

I have now chosen to invest myself in the citizens of Lac-Beauchamp.

Last mailing  (oct 2020):

Let’s take the opportunity to exchange on October 28!

With Covid-19, it is forbidden to meet physically, and therefore, I organize a virtual meeting (in Zoom – very easy to use) with the citizens who live in the Lac-Beauchamp district to discuss with them on different subjects .

In addition, it will do us good to socialize, even virtually!

I therefore invite the residents of the district to a videoconference meeting on Wednesday, October 28, at 12:15 p.m. or at 7 p.m. The meeting, lasting approximately 45 minutes, will be divided as follows:

Update of the various files concerning the district (20 min)

Question period or citizens’ suggestions (25 min)

Only people who reside in the district are invited to participate. I meet regularly with district organizations and therefore this meeting is exclusive to citizens.

You must SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL at before October 27 because places are limited. Don’t forget to mention which meeting (12:15 or 7:00 p.m.) you would like to participate.

Once registered, you will then receive the link by email, on October 28, to connect to the virtual meeting.

Questions to ask myself during the meeting?

Email me your questions or concerns in advance, so that I can do some research to answer you when we meet.

Hoping to see many of you on October 28,

See you soon,


My priorities for Lac-Beauchamp

I want to commit myself to serving my fellow citizens. It is time to review the City of Gatineau’s business strategy and make it better respond to the needs of Lac-Beauchamp, such as the Notre-Dame–Main–Saint-René triangle. We must promote our merchants – they are the key to old Gatineau’s local economy!

Revitalizing old Gatineau

Closely monitor the progress of works along Notre-Dame Street, and work together with the local business association (AGAP) of old Gatineau.

Parc du Lac-Beauchamp

The wonderful parc du Lac-Beauchamp, an oasis of greenery and outdoors just minutes from downtown! The natural heart of the district, Lac-Beauchamp Park, offers a beautiful beach and a multitude of activities. Major work will be done by the City this fall to try to save this exceptional site from a certain death, the only haven of greenery in a highly urbanized environment.

Suitable commercial spaces

Set up a plan with the City to encourage new enterprises and open suitable commercial spaces.

Social-economic projects

Actively support the establishment of social-economic projects in the heart of Old Gatineau.

Marina Kitchissipi

Increase the potential of the marina Kitchissipi de Gatineau by establishing a collaborative relationship with the different Sans-Cartier park users. Value the Marina as a meeting place, tourist destination, and economic driver. And yes, we must address the parking problem!

Parc Sans-Cartier

Continue to support funding for the development plan of Parc Sans-Cartier.

Security sector

Make the district safer for our seniors and ensure the safety of all citizens.


Ready to listen, ready for action

Do you agree with my priorities? Do you have any to suggest?

I invite you to be part of my team. I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss issues. I am always very happy to meet with my fellow citizens to understand their realities and needs. Above all, I want to work to improve the quality of life of the people of Lac-Beauchamp.

I live in Gatineau together with my partner. I am readily available to the citizens of Lac-Beauchamp. I pledge to be available to meet and listen to each of you upon request.

I did not translate all the pages of this web site and I did not translate the printed material I distribute to mail boxes but I will gladly meet with you and answer all your questions :  My cell phone 819-955-7400