1. Support for a petition to help Canadians:


« It’s very important for every Canadian 18 years old and over to sign the petition. »

A petition to help Canadian homeowners protect their homes in the event of a major disaster that would damage their home


« For almost 70% of Canadians, their home is their main asset. « 

In May 2017, Gatineau and several of its neighboring cities suffered one of the worst floods in history. In Quebec, more than 5,300 residences in 291 municipalities and 15 administrative regions were flooded. More than 4,000 people were evacuated from their homes and nearly 400 roads were damaged.

« More than 1,500 government employees have been mobilized and approximately 2,600 Canadian Armed Forces personnel deployed. »

The Quebec government, despite the massive hiring to do the inspections, analyze the reports, compare the bids and send payments, was overwhelmed by requests for help, which took many months to answer.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest citizens were able to renovate their homes through their savings, contacts, families, lines of credit, credit cards ($$$) …

Unfortunately, some people who did not have the necessary funds and had to wait for governmental help, saw the mushrooms spread, the humidity level rise, the woodwork roll up, ..

Others decided to use people their savings for retirement, RRSPs and TFSAs to remove the mushrooms, dry the house, replace the coating, replace the heating system, store the equipment, buy the materials, to save the most important investment in their lives (their home)

Unfortunately, these people will be taxed on their RRSP!


« For 50 years there have been more than 500 natural disasters in Canada including 253 floods, 35 tornadoes, 26 hurricanes, 17 landslides and 3 earthquakes. »

It affects all Canadians 18 years of age and over who will eventually have a house and RRSPs whether they are on the waterfront or not.


« In the USA, the amounts deposited in the 401k (their RRSPs) can be released to repair their homes in case of disaster. »

Canadians have more than $ 900 billion in RRSPs.


« For Gatineau alone, there were 2214 affected homes, 47 of which were damaged and 21 were struck by a ban on occupancy. In addition, there were 1407 preventive evacuations The Red Cross took care of 1649 victims. « 

In Gatineau we are working on a resolution in support of this petition. It should be tabled at the next municipal council. When it is approved, it will be submitted to the other cities.


« Natural disasters cause tremendous stress to those who experience them directly and this stress is felt by family members and friends. « 

Sign the petition quickly, confirm the signature with the links in the email and encourage your family to sign (email, share, text, call …) WE MUST DEPOSIT EARLY MAY

This gesture could eventually save your little sister’s house! (The *** petition)

Warning. There are two steps to follow: 1. Sign the Petition 2. Confirm your support by clicking on the link you will receive in the email you will receive from the House of Commons.

*** It takes 1 minute to sign the petition but if you do not click the links in the email that you will receive from the House of Commons, the signature does not count! (To avoid false signatures)